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In this weekly report (July 22 to 28, 2019): Binance enables API functionality for Margin Trading, adds staking support for Komodo (KMD) and Algorand (ALGO), expands on block trading services with Binance Trading, hosts giveaways for euros, tokens and 1,000 Yubikeys, and more!

1. In Binance news:

– After recently supporting for Stellar (), has expanded support for more staking mechanisms: Komodo () and Algorand (). Users holding KMD on Binance may expect to receive a first staking reward bonus distributed from an additional pool of 250,000 KMD (worth approximately $300,000 USD), along with the first staking disbursement on September 1, 2019.

For ALGO holders, the initial staking reward bonus will be distributed from an additional reward pool of 220,000 ALGO (approximately $135,000 USD). For more details, read our announcements on and . 

To date, Binance supports staking for , , , , , and .

– has enabled API functionality for Margin Trading and now supports transfers of assets, lending of assets, return of assets and setting/cancelling trading orders via API. , and refer to the full API documentation on Margin Trading .

– Binance’s Margin Trading platform has , with new margin pairs: ONT/BTC, ONT/USDT, ADA/USDT and ADA/BTC. For a list of all supported assets and trading pairs for margin trading, please refer to the .

– Binance Trading offers a personalized way for users to trade large block sizes (generally over 10 BTC) quickly and securely. For large orders, trading over-the-counter (OTC) is a good alternative to trading directly on the exchange order books where you might affect the market price of the token and negatively impact your execution level. Read more at: .

2. Here are some of the updates this past week from and :

– Binance Chain has completed an update, called Hubble, in testnet on July 24. .

– The Binance Chain Community also published to help explain the term coined by community members for Initial DEX Offerings.

– Binance DEX has listed , , , and opened trading for these trading pairs: FSN/BNB, WICC/BNB, COTI/BNB, PIBNB/BNB.

as the first Binance DEX project to be listed on from the BEP2 community listing program, a new initiative Binance introduced last month to support the development of high quality blockchain projects in the industry. Read about ANKR in the

3. Updates from the Binance fiat gateways:

has listed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and opened trading for BCH/SGD. 

has listed the Binance GBP Stable Coin (BGBP) and opened trading for BGBP/GBP trading pair. The contract address for BGBP can be found .

4. Here are the promos from last week spanning the Binance communities and ecosystem:

– Binance Jersey has extended its 100,000 EUR giveaway for new users who complete user verification. .

– Binance and Binance Launchpad project Fetch.AI have together committed a total of 1,200,000 FET tokens to give away to users to celebrate Binance’s 2nd anniversary, through .

– Binance has enabled withdrawals to be completed via security keys (U2F) and has committed 1,000 Yubikeys to give away to users. Read more about the giveaway here:

– Binance’s 2nd Anniversary promotion with BNB and Elrond activities . All BNB and ERD token prizes have now been distributed to the winners’ accounts. 

5. , the official of and native support for the community-led decentralized exchange, has for Kyber Network Protocol. for more details.

6. The global Binance community held two meetups this past week.

– Trust Wallet hosted a meetup in San Francisco, California, on July 25. Viktor Radchenko, founder of Trust Wallet, spoke on Incentivizing Open Source, and weighed in on a panel discussion on “End to End Accessibility: Supporting the Growth of Billion Dollar Networks” alongside other speakers from the industry.

– The Binance meetup on July 27 was hosted in the beautiful city of Hue, Vietnam, where attendees discussed topics ranging from Binance margin trading and Binance DEX, to the upcoming WINk token launch on Binance Launchpad.

7. Speaking of meetups, Binance announced that it is hosting its first meetup in London, U.K., on August 1. At this meetup, CZ will hold a live ask-me-anything (AMA) session and Binance Europe Head Mariana Gospodinova will speak about the impact of blockchain technology on financial markets. to take part in the first-ever Binance London meetup.

8. , the market research and analysis arm of, has found that portfolios that include Bitcoin tend to exhibit overall better risk-return profiles than traditional multi-asset class portfolios. about the findings on this report: .

9. Binance’s educational arm added new content to the Binance Academy Glossary, including: Block Explorer, Confluence, Fungibility, Hash Rate, Proof of Stake (PoS). Visit the Binance Academy Glossary to .

10. On the latest episode of Binance Podcast, Trust Wallet founder Viktor Radchenko shares his vision for a decentralized world: his own life story, his purpose behind creating Trust Wallet, joining forces with Binance, and what’s next for the best wallet in crypto.  

11. Binance is hiring! Calling for marketing and product gurus. Join us in our vision to spread the freedom of money; be a part of the future of technology, and apply for a position at Binance today! We’re looking for UI designers, front-end developers, UX researchers, copywriters, growth hackers, PR specialists and more. See our open positions and apply on .

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