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Block X Your Authenticity and Transparency

With all transactions and information in Block X, your shareholder register, board minutes and corporate register stays up to date with less effort.

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Built In Compliance

Our compliance tools and need to keep track of board and shareholder notifications, including share registry transactions in one place create ease of management.

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Shareholder Management

Shareholders and employees want to keep up to date and monitor their electronic holdings including options and vested securities.

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BlockX makes it easy to give shareholders the ability to create liquidity events. Through secondary transactions through to capital, raisings are all streamlined

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Board and Shareholder Meetings

Planning and managing Board and Shareholder meetings is now a simpler task with BlockX. Our centralised platform enables collation of votes and real-time reporting.

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is now centralised from managing your IP portfolio to maintaining insurance certificates. Now available for ease of management.

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