Join the Digitally Empowered

Join the Digitally Empowered

I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that we are at the dawn of a new era in which millions and millions of people will be positioned in such a way that they will not have to work.

They will be digitally empowered – in effect through the use of blockchain technology.

And they will be living the life of their dreams.

Now let me explain.

If you have been following my posts, videos and email then you will know I promote a new more holistic approach to building a business online – one that includes accumulating assets to build one’s wealth and security.

The latter is massively important. Typically, most people come online to make some bucks focused on cashflow – and what typically happens is even if they do have success they have to hustle and hustle.


But with the approach I term The New Online Paradigm, the bedrock of your business is the accumulation of assets, a carefully thought-out way to build wealth and one that is aimed to set you free.

Sounds like hype?

Actually it is grounded in the philosophies of such thought leaders as Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone.

Your bedrock is not the cash you have in the bank. Your bedrock is your asset base.

Now in the past accumulating assets might have revolved around buying property to rent out, or stocks and shares, or mutual funds.

But there is serious risk here, as seen in the 2008 financial crisis. And the next financial crisis is on its way.

As some of us were privileged to see on a live Facebook from cryptocurrency expert Tony De Gouveia the Brave New World for what I term the Digitally Empowered is the realm of cryptocurrency, blockchain and its marrying with the centuries-old asset, gold.

Expert Tony De Gouveia looked like he was about to explode on this Facebook live – and the expert who typically only shares at paid training events was sharing for the first time publicly insight into developments with an eight-year-old company that is based on gold, cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Some of you reading this will know the company I am talking about.

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Tony was particularly excited about how the company’s Voice Over Blockchain phone that can be used anywhere in the world and securely will massively help in promoting the use of the company’s cryptocurrency.

This will not be the only company and avenue going forward for the Digitally Empowered – it just happens to be the most exciting at the moment.


It’s simple to now jump into this brave new world of the Digitally Empowered – but at the start, and we are at the start, there will be many who are hesitant because it is “new” and because while there is a lot of buzz around crycptocurrency and the blockchain a lot of people don’t understand it.

Partly this is a problem of not all cryptocurrencies being equal. Many are flops. Plus there is so much confusing information in the media about the viability of these cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain, though, is here to stay and it will revolutionize how we do business and projects going forward.

The Digitally Empowered – and this class of people now exist – will leverage the power of the internet, blockchain and cryptocurrency to build their wealth and income, with the potential of becoming financially free.

This is not a 40-year process – where you slog away in a job to retire late in life, hopefully with a pension that will support you at the standard of living you are used to.

The Digitally Empowered, or at least some of them, recognize they can fast-track their journey to financial freedom within a few years or for some within months.

A growing number of ordinary people are jumping into the digital space with the aim to become digitally empowered and become financially free.

You won’t necessarily become Superman or Superwoman – able to jump off buildings and tell the tale – but if you embrace the opportunity provided by this digital world then there is every chance you could live the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to jump?

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