Patients To Gain Access of Their Personal Data With MediBloc

Korean Blockchain Startup MediBloc looks to reinvent healthcare experience. It is the safest and reliable healthcare data platform. When you go to a new doctor, you need to take the same medical exam. This could be costly and time-consuming.

Therefore, MediBloc has created this database. MediBloc is an open-source protocol and a decentralized Healthcare Information system designed on Blockchain technology for patients healthcare providers and researchers. They utilize the most advanced Blockchain technologies to have the highest level of security for their platform.

Furthermore, this will lead to data-driven medical innovations in areas such as big data-based disease predictions, personalized precision medicine, and medical research. MediBloc strives to transform the way healthcare information is managed and exchanged using blockchain technology. The Seoul-based company’s new app and token will allow patients to view, manage, and control their medical records.

If doctors and surgeons do not have accurate medical data, they will not be capable of giving optimal care. This is where MediBloc arrives. The team behind the project ensures that the platform is fully obedient with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

Licensed, medical doctors include most of the team at MediBloc. They have decades of expertise in the Medical field in Korea. Also, they are continually looking for innovative solutions that will lead to new additions to the medical ecosystem.

Presently, healthcare data is stored in distinct hospitals. So these hospitals have only a portion of the patient’s health information. For a hospital to give the best service, they will need to have the full knowledge of a patient.

Every time a patient goes to a different hospital, they have to go through the same process again and again. The method includes the hospital to question the patient regarding their medical history. With MediBloc, the patient can have all their information in the palm of their hands.

By compiling all of the patient’s medical records into a single conscious format, regular patient care can take place. Moreover, individuals can be in charge of separating their files. The MED Token will make this process easy. Besides, MediBloc will promote the content sharing of documents through a reward system.

Therefore, contributing to the system will provide for both the patients and the provider to get rewarded. Also, patients will be capable of using MED tokens to start routine medical transactions with associates of MediBloc.

The main aim of MediBloc is to make healthcare data more available. Also, they want to incite the contents of medical information for scientific progress.

“The biggest problem now is that all the health data is scattered around medical institutions and patients have difficulties accessing their records. Besides, it is challenging to guarantee security and trust for any data that has been transferred from one place to another. MediBloc solves these two big problems.” said Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho, the CEO of MediBloc.

The platform is a decentralized app formed on the EVM. Three layers form the overall structure of the platform: these three layers comprising core, service, and application. In the three layers, the data that is included will concern to medical data, personal information, and MED account balance. Also, every action will be translucent because it is built on the Blockchain.

The platform will utilize the MED point system, a points-based system that regulates user participation. Hence the more you join, the more prizes you will receive. The awards will be in the form of MED Tokens. These tokens can help compensate for insurance payments as well as other medical transactions.

In the MediBloc platform, individuals are permitted to take control of their data. If they wish to, they can transfer their medical records for a cost to hospitals, research institutions, and other people that demand them.

Upon trading data, individuals can check the third party’s reliability by verifying their previous transactional record and support the exchange based on their purpose of usage.

MediBloc intends to employ medical institutions over Korea to combine with its platform to maximize the influence of the service and to make people’s lives more comfortable.

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