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Tron Foundation, which oversees the Tron cryptocurrency network, announced on March 28, 2019 that it has acquired blockchain app store Coinplay. Coinplay has the distinction of being the first comprehensive app store that deals in the blockchain sector. Based on the functional structure of Google Play, with a similar name as well, Coinplay acts as a marketplace for blockchain based apps created by various developers. A platform such as Coinplay aggregates blockchain applications and OS agnostic. The platform simply focused on blockchain applications and DApps.
Why Did Tron Acquire Coinplay?
The Tron Foundation has been active in acquisitions in the recent past month. The most notable of its recent acquisition has been that of BitTorrent, the popular peer-to-peer data sharing platform. These actions add to Tron’s vision to create a truly decentralized Internet. The acquisition of Coinplay is simply one part of that.
What’s Next for Coinplay?
Under the supervision of the Tron Foundation, the Coinplay platform will start offering the following features in the near future: Multi-platform multi-currency real-time quotes. Multi-platform transaction volume/transaction price. GitHub query.
The features will become a part of what Coinplay already offers to its users. The marketplace’s current services include apps, DApps and games downloads, as well as the provision of ratings, guides, and major currency indices.
Tron Keeps Going
In addition to Coinplay, and BitTorrent, Tron’s other recent partnerships have included its deal with Tether to issue USDT on the TRON platform. In the deal with Tether, Tron will allow the cryptocurrency to grow on its platform in the form of its TRC20 tokens, where the USDT would be issued while being backed by the value of USD, which makes 1 USDT to be equal to 1 USD. Incentives will be offered to early adopters of USDT on the Tron blockchain, which have been announced as being the equivalent of 100 million CNY.
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